Lost order, No customer service to speak of


Placed my first order over a week ago, never got it despite Fedex saying the package was delivered. I have a missing package claim filed with fedex, who have been very helpful, but Huel’s customer service is dropping the ball big time.


Hey Sam try not to worry too much about it, I understand that you want your product now, but I believe Huel is not opened on the weekends. Their packages do have insurance on them, and they are quick to resend missing packages out, at least from the forum threads I have read, luckily I have had no bad experience in delivery so far.
For a while, I used to have to send my deliveries to a FedEx store to pick up because of the neighborhood I lived in; I also sent shipments to my workplace. It may seem inconvenient, but it makes sure you receive your package all the time.
I hope this kind of helps a little bit.


Hey Sam. I’ve replied to your inquiries.


Thank you very much.