Lost my delivery

I had an order dispatched on the 1st of December. Today I wondered why I haven’t received it yet. I went to track the delivery and read a note saying it hade been re-sent back to Huel, only because I did not make a choice to Kuehne+Nagel Dc Huel on how to receive it. That pissed me off. I should not have to make that choice every time for every delivery, unless I change my delivery address. I’ve had too much to do ahead of Christmas to be able to read all texts. There should be a way to make a “standard choice” which is always then carried out until I give new directions.

Anyways, customer service, if you read this. Please make sure I get this delivery back before Christmas. I have paid for it. And I will not buy more until I get this one. Hence I pushed next delivery from 29th of December into late January

Hey @JImmie,
Please drop our team an email at support@huel.com as we would love to get you your order ASAP!

Hi! i think you have already helped me and this is on the way :blush: Thank youn! :pray:

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Happy to hear it :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: