Los Angeles the headquarters or product facility?

I was just wondering because I noticed when I bought the powder it said that it was manufactured in Canada but it still showed Los Angeles. But when I purchased huel ready to drink bottles it says it made in the US but still shows Los Angeles. I know it’s a dumb question but I’ve been wondering why it’s all a secret.

I do not think this is a secret; it has been mentioned in various posts, and you have been able to find it out yourself.

If you mean that it is hidden or covered; then this might be the case, but I do not see how or why they would “advertise” it.

You are right;
Powder is produced in Canada.
RTD is produced in the US (requires a much more different approach and machinery to be produced).

LA is just the HQ/warehouse/distribution center of Huel.

Wait so they make the powder for the US in Canada, yet we can’t buy the powder in Canada ourselves?


Yeap, it’s because of the regulations in place in Canada such as limiting the levels of vitamin D that put really strict constraints on what can be sold.