Vanilla RTD - Not Tasty At All

So I just received my first shipment, a mix of vanilla and chocolate RTD.

Haven’t tested the chocolate yet but wow the vanilla is chalky and pasty tasting. It coats my teeth in a way that isn’t pleasant. The bottle says it’s produced in Germany for Huel USA. I thought that US Huel is made in the USA.

Anyone else experiencing taste issues?

RTD used to be manufactured in the USA but they had some supply issues that lead to it going out of stock a few times, so have now switched to Germany. All the RTD flavors have had some changes as a result. Some people like the changes, some don’t (I’m in the latter category).

I am glad you posted because another user here is a big fan of the ‘new’ Vanilla and I was thinking of trying it - I will give it a miss now.