Any plans on offering delivery to Canada?

So I was an avid Hueler in the UK, but had to move to Soylent (which is nowhere near as good IMO) when I emigrated to Toronto about a year ago. I was delighted to see that you’d started selling in the US, but on checkout I saw there was no delivery to Canada :frowning:

Any plans to change that?

Yes, now that we have successfully launched in the U.S., we are hard at work towards a Canadian launch as well. It may take a bit of time, as we work with our partners in Canada to ensure we abide by all local regulatory standards, but we look forward to having Huel in Canada as quickly as we can.

If you would like to be notified on Huel Canada developments, you can sign up for alerts using the link below:
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Awesome - thanks! :))

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Any updates on Canadian distribution? I’ve told all my family and friends. Some are bummed they can’t get it yet.
I plan to move back to Canada in the next year or so. I would love to help where I can.

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Plus, Soylent is not available in Canada, and I don’t know of any RTD food replacements that will even ship there. That’s a pretty big market, even if they tax foreign products up the wazoo.

Just learned that they make the stuff for the US market in Canada yet we can’t buy it here. I’ve come across another product available in Canada but it’s Whey based. They’ve said they are doing a vegan version soon though so i’m keeping my ears open.

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Checking for updates. Moving to Canada, so I’m going to have to cancel my subscription :frowning:

As I remember, there was some issue over how the Canadian government food agency categorized Huel. Seems like it should be easier to at least get hot & savory across the border, but I know with the government, nothing’s easy.

Good luck!