Local taste alternatives to Huel?

65-75 bucks is a bit of a steep ask for a product I haven’t tasted. I’m assuming Huel isn’t sold in smaller quantities, so I was wondering if there’s another product that tastes LIKE Huel, so I can see if I’d be interested. I live near like six different grocery chains, so finding a one-bottle sample of most products shouldn’t be an issue.

Also, I know I can look up an ingredients/nutritional facts list; please do not list off the ingredients and say “It tastes like a blend of that.” That is a worthless answer. In fact, it’s less than worthless.

Would you buy Sam’s Cola or Pepsi to see if you like the flavor of Coca Cola? I don’t think trying another product will be helpful in forming an opinion of huel. I think I heard some people say individual ready to drink bottles are available in some stores, but I’m not certain. Maybe you can go half and half on an order with a friend or find a single bag for sale on Amazon or Ebay.