Any way to taste test?

My girlfriend and I are considering trying it as we are terrible at remembering to eat breakfast, however we are both very sensitive to food taste and consistency. I was wondering if there is a “taste test” product or if it’s possible to send it back if we don’t like it? $60 is a lot of money to drop on something we may not like.

Hey Zach! :wave: Thanks for reaching out! While we don’t currently have sample sizes available, our starter kit truly is a great option to mix things up, experiment with different flavors, methods, consistencies, and find your perfect Huel. A one-shot sample can lead to issues - i.e. mixing with a fork or using warm water, etc. The good news is you’ve definitely come to the right place for helpful advice and tips on how to make a Huel that fits your individual taste and preference. If all else fails and Huel just isn’t for you, reach out within 30 days of purchase and we can help you out here or at