Less Huel for same price?

Hi, I recently received two pouches of Huel. Each pouch I ordered previously used to weigh 3.9lbs, now it’s down to 3.75lbs (Almost 2 lbs difference!!). Is there any reason of this sudden change, and is it unreasonable for me to expect to pay less since you have provided me with less without prior notification?

I haven’t received any of the new formula yet, but the numbers above indicate a 0.15lb difference per bag. Not yet a deal breaker IMO. Regardless, I sure hope I like the new version as much as the old one. I remember back when Coca-Cola stopped selling the original in favor of New Coke. I also recall that didn’t work out so well.

So why is there less for the same price?

Due to the changes in our formula, there is a slight difference in weight between the Huel 1.0 powder and the 1.1 powder, but you still receive the same amount of calories per pouch (7,000kcal) with higher quality ingredients. You can learn more about the changes to the formula at my.huel.com/newhuel.


All about that CPP. Calories per pouch. And PPP, protein per pouch.