Let's talk scoops

We’ve heard there’s been some scoop confusion.

When we changed to v1.1 Huel we made some changes to how you experience Huel, but have managed to confuse many of you in the process so below we’ve listed the differences, but if you have any further questions just comment below.

Scoop size:

Our old scoops confused many, they contained ~38g (~152 cals) which wasn’t useful and didn’t relate to our serving size. So we sourced a scoop we reckon contains 50g (200 cals) – so it’s easier for you. If you have the old scoop don’t worry, you can still easily use it the same as you always have, just check out the instructions below.

Serving size change:

After feedback from the community that a 500 cals serving was too large we have reduced it to 400 cals, which is conveniently two new scoops!

This means each pouch contains 17.5 servings (not 14 servings), however due to FDA regulations we have had to round this down to state that each pouch contains 17 servings – but don’t worry, you’re not half a serving short!

However, this is only a recommendation, a serving is as much or as little as you want. #youdoyou.

Pouch size difference:

Firstly, all pouches of Huel contain 7000 cals. We do not fill our pouches by weight. However when we re-formulate sometimes the calorie density changes a tiny amount. v1.0 pouches weighed 1.78kg; v1.1 pouches weigh 40g less at 1.74kg – but both contain 7000 cals.

Secondly, due to FDA regulations we have to round pouch weights to one decimal place, which we weren’t doing before. That’s why your pouches state 1.7kg.

Phew, we hope that helps make your Huel experience simpler once you’ve got used to the change over. Any questions, just ask!



Thanks, G! Should help clear it up.

It’s actually a little humorous. Huel comes out with RTD formulations and two new powdered formulations, basically quadrupling their entire lineup! And they all taste good. (Biased. I know.) You come to the forums, expecting to see people talking about all this hard work y’all put into these new products. And what are Huelers talking about? Scoops.


So if you’ve already purchased we aren’t sending new scoops with your repeat order. The reason is that you simply don’t need the new one. We’re trying to make it easier for customers but since you’ve purchased before you’re already a Huel Ninja! You know how to make your Huel so just keep doing what you’re doing!

However if you are a new customer for powder you should absolutely have received a new scoop and if you didn’t then reach out on support@huel.com and we will sort it out. :metal:

The reason we changed the serving suggestion was not because we thought 3 scoops was inferior, it was merely because it was confusing for some and others thought 450-500kcal was too much. If you have been using 3 scoops of Huel up to this point this is no reason for you to change. We are trying to make the first experience of Huel more simple. My comment wasn’t misdirection, but merely just trying to explain that there’s no reason for you to change how you make your Huel because we’ve altered the serving ‘suggestion’.

But if you really want a new scoop then just drop support an email and they’ll hook you up no problem. :blush:

I didn’t get a scoop, what is another way to measure a single serving, not a scoop.