Lack of Notice on Subscription processing; Lack of response to customer service emails


I am very frustrated.

I responded exactly 30 minutes after I received notification a subscription order was being processed. My last completed order was nine months ago. The new Huel packages did not ship according to FedEx’s tracking information until the following day. I believed I had cancelled this subscription, so to only be notified of the order after there was no way to avoid return shipping costs does not seem reasonable.

Please remedy this by providing pre-paid postage or agreeing to refund the full amount including shipping both directions.



Hi David, I am sorry to hear that you were charged for an order you never wished to receive! Subscription orders need to be cancelled the day before the charge date. We send out an email reminder three days before the charge date of your subscription to notify you of upcoming orders. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide pre-paid shipping labels for return. If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Can you send proof of the three day advanced notification? In a search of my email account, I can find no record. My search turned up an email advertisement I received on 12/28/18 announcing Ready-to-drink huel and then the next email was the one 1/2/19 announcing the processing that I responded to in short order.

Additionally, in pricing out shipping options, the least expensive option I could find to return these packages Huel is approximately $140. Having thoroughly searched my email, including junk and trash folders, I am certain I did not received the three-day advanced notice you described. I did, however, respond as soon as I received actual notice you were preparing the order for shipment, which was a full day before it actually shipped. To have processes in place that do not allow for both your customer and your company to avoid these shipping costs is not only unwise, but unreasonable. For these reasons, it seems utterly unfair I should bear the significant cost of returning this product to you. Please advise how you intend to remedy this situation.

I understand your frustration with the matter. We can offer you a discounted return of $33.20 that will be deducted from your refund. You did not have to pay for the shipping cost to receive your package as Huel covers that for you. We truly appreciate all of your support as customer, and we love to help where we can and will surely do everything to assist you in the future!

HI Christian,

Tell me what I need to do to ship this back for $33.20. I’m still frustrated, but I just want to be done.

I have submitted the request with our fulfillment center so you should receive your return label via email shortly.

Hi Christian,

Four days ago I was told I would received a return label via email “shortly.” In prior correspondence, I was repeatedly told it was not possible for you to provide pre-paid return labels. Despite that, I agreed to allow you to deduct $33.20, mostly so I could just be done with this business relationship and move on. Unfortunately, I still have not received said email with the return label. You still have almost $400 of my money and I would like it returned to me as soon as possible. Again, I maintain all of this could (and should) have been avoided on your end.

Please make this right immediately.

Hey David. Stepping in for Christian here. It takes a bit to process a return label–no worries I have it here now. I’ll send it to your email.

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