What is going on with my RTD subscription?

On December 10th, I got my regular monthly shipment notice for RTD Huel. My credit card was also charged $128.85. However, nothing was actually shipped. Then, I receive an email that my order won’t ship until early February due to stock issues. Why did Huel charge my card (for a monthly subscription product I will likely receive 2 months late) if there were no items in stock? In the email I received saying these items were out of stock, it also specifically stated: “You also won’t be charged for any out of stock item(s) until it has been processed for shipping.” And yet I was charged when none of my subscription items were in stock and nothing was available to be shipped. This has been a frustrating experience. I am almost out of my Huel (which I have come to depend on) and my money is gone but I won’t receive the product for 2 months and then I will likely get more product (2 more months worth?) in February via my subscription, unless I pause it. If the product wasn’t in stock, Huel never should have charged my credit card. This is my first bad experience with Huel. Is there a way to get a refund? At least then I could order powder that is in stock. Thanks.

Hey @nielsondc! I’m so sorry about this rather inconvenient experience here. On my end I am seeing that your order shipped and one of your two FedEx tracking numbers for that December 10th order was successfully delivered on December 12th. Of course, this doesn’t seem to be the case at all. I would be more than happy to help you out with that refund.

I’m going to send you over an email right now so we can get this sorted for you. I apologize again for any frustration here and hope you have a wonderful rest of your week😁

Happy New Year!:tada:

Thanks for your quick response, Christian. When you mentioned that one of the flavors (Berry) was delivered, I searched my home and located this package. So that one is my bad (sorry). It looks like my wife stored it in our pantry before I saw it. :slight_smile: So, it looks like I only need a refund on my other boxes that didn’t ship. To make it until February, I ordered some new Huel Black and I am anxious to try it. Thanks for your assistance and Happy New Year to you as well.

Well would you look at that!:heart_eyes: Shoutout your wife for keeping your RTD safe. I’d be happy to get you a refund for those missing cases. Also, what a phenomenal idea to dive into some Black Edition! I think you might just love it​:heart:

I’ll confirm all of this via email for you so keep an eye out for that! If you need anything else, just give me a shout.

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