Keto Diet Question

I have recently started a strict keto diet.

I know Huel has way too many carbs for keto. This saddens me because I love the concept of Huel: Easy, good fuel for me.

Has Huel ever thought of low carb Huel? Like 1-3 grams per 300-500 calories?

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It could be difficult. Huel is vegan, and the protein it uses comes from pea protein and brown rice. Even if you were to isolate the protein from those ingredients and remove all the other ingredients, I believe you would still have too much carbohydrate content to achieve ketosis. If you removed the brown rice, that would maybe do it, but you would be left with just pea protein and vitamins.

The UK site has a very long thread on this topic … the short version is this is not going to happen. Huel is so different from Keto that they would have to make something completely different. I tried a couple of the hacks and failed badly but even those are not Keto … or even Keto 'ish.

If you want a Keto meal replacement shake I would point you to Keto Chow … this is some seriously amazing stuff. These products are mixed with a liquid fat … typically a heavy cream (heavy whipping cream in the US) or an oil (usually avocado oil), plus some water.

Hey @Wn2fsh. We don’t currently have plans for a keto version of Huel but here are a couple hacks to make Huel low-carb if interested!

I would be a help if you describe the coconut ingredient you use in these hacks. I tried ultra fine unsweetened coconut and it made quite a mess! Coconut flour isn’t right because that has no real nutritional value. Maybe a link to Amazon? I tried health food stores and they had no clue.

For low carb hacks, can whey be a protein isolate? I’m not vegan, so I don’t care that whey is not vegan

I think the real issue with Huel as a Keto diet shake is that Huel has 38 net carbs in a 500 calorie shake. 20 Net carbs is standard Keto (maybe individuals can do more depending) … so you can maybe do one 250 calorie Huel shake a day and then nothing but protein and fat to get your calories.

So, yes you can add things to reduce the carbs per serving but doing this to get a 500 calorie Huel shake under 6 net carbs (allowing three shakes a day) means adding so much other stuff it is no longer Huel.

Also, a lot of Huel customers want a shake powder that you only add water to. This means powdered fats which reduce shelf life. Powdered Keto shakes (Keto Chow is one I know) have you adding liquid fat (heavy whipping cream, avocado oil, MCT oil, etc.) … which means a different approach to mixing and using.

One thing I got from Keto Chow that would apply to Heul too is mixing your shake any way you like and then putting it in a stainless steel bottle (hydroflask is one example). I do this and 10 hours later it is still cold and ready to drink.

If you aren’t vegan and want to use whey, go for it!

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I like Huel flavor, convenience and packaging, everything but. Same situation for me. So I I only get to consume it at Cheating meal once in a while. Have many bags I’ll maintain as emergency rations for some disaster. Keto/LCHF IF & EF is the best dietary change I have every experienced