Transition to Huel

I have been using another product for weight loss. I am a male 54, that started at 231lbs. I have been following a Keto like diet since February 10th and have been following a diet with less than 1250 calories per day and below 35 net carbs per day. I have lost 23lbs during that time and am looking to transition out of ketosis, but don’t know the correct amount of carbs for maintenance. I am concerned that the carb content if I transition from my current shake with 4 net carbs for lunch and Breakfast to Huel for these meals would cause weight gain. Any advice?

I weigh Huel on a food scale to easily get exactly the number of calories I want. I would think if you replace the calories from the Keto diet with Huel your weight might initially increase because the carbs would mean more water retention but then things would even out and your weight would stabilize.

Nutrition isn’t quite as simple as “all calories are equal” but if you are comparing two high-quality eating plans they should be very close.


Yeah, that’s a tough question to answer. 35 net grams of carbs per day is pretty darn low. I know I’d be constant headache if I started that.

Well, let’s refer to here for the breakdown

Each 500 calorie Huel serving is 47 grams total carbs, minus 9 grams fiber, giving us a net carb of around 38 grams per serving. Already, you can see that one full serving will be more than you were getting per day.

Is there is specific titration up schedule for you? Like, is there some specific guidelines for net carb goals on week 1 post-ketosis, week 2, etc?

Thanks, fortunately, I have had no negative side effects to cutting carbs to this level. I do not have a concrete plan to phase out of ketosis, I guess I could start with one shake per day to see how it effects my metabolism.

In the articles list on the Huel front page are two recipes for blending Huel with other powders to make a low carb version. I don’t know that you can get it to 1500 calories and 40 carbs but you have a lot of control over the mix. Lots of good info there.