Low-Carb Option for Diabetics


Have you considered formulating a low-carb option?

I was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes this year and have been looking for easy, affordable, sustainable ways to fight back to my ideal health. I’ve had great luck with a meal delivery program, but it’s expensive. I’ve had mixed success with cooking, but it’s time consuming. Huel would be a great solution! However, the ratio of carbs to fat/protein is a bit high for my liking.

I think a reduced carb Huel offering would be very successful, and I’d be your first buyer!

In the meantime, has anyone tried mixing Huel with protein powder or other “fillers” to improve its carb ratio?

Thanks guys and gals!

Thank you for your feedback. We are always looking for ways to innovate our current or future product offering to help even more people enjoy Huel, and feedback like this helps us better understand our customers.

In the meantime, stay tuned here, on our website, and on Huel social channels @huelusa on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for new articles, videos, and ideas on novel ways to enjoy Huel that fit any lifestyle.

Hi @Scotthew - we have a couple of ‘hacks’ on our UK site that you may find interesting: https://huel.com/blogs/news/low-carb-huel-two-hacks

Here is a reproduction the article for other US-based readers:

@john_huel From my US-based IP that link seems to unavoidably redirect the user to http://us.huel.com. Routing through a French-based VPN, I am able to view the page.

Thanks Vossad. I’m hoping they get those links working soon. I was specifically trying to get to the blog.

Looks like they have removed the automatic redirect. You should be able to get at all the UK-based pages now.

@Desert_Way @Scotthew We have this helpful page on the US site now too. :slight_smile: https://us.huel.com/pages/low-carb-huel-two-hacks

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There’s virtually no simple sugar in Huel. Complex carbohydrates are not your enemy. I’m pre-diabetic and Huel does not spike my blood sugar.


Hi guys

We’ve tweaked the blog article with some different values and added it here.