Gymbros we outchea

So this what I been doing recently:

  • 2 scoops unflavored HUEL
  • 1 scoop Isopure Dutch Chocolate protein (I tried the cookies & cream version and that shit trash don’t be buying that shit :joy:, chocolate is great)
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 2 cup water

tastes pretty good (better than the other huel flavor I have which is vanilla)

you getter more flavor plus you get that protein in, cuz we outchea getting hella buff :muscle:

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also, I just got a new avatar, lemme know what you think

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Your new avatar gives me life.


2 Scoops already has 29G of protein right? I feel like 60G of protein a day is more than enough for me in a day (2 shakes).

Chocolate is the way to go with protein shakes. Everything else is a one time deal.

Cookie cream is great on the first try, ok in the second, and too sweet and tiring afterwards

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unflavored is alright too, if you mix it with milk (so just got the sweetness of the milk)

2 scoops of Huel is kind of ambiguous. Mind sharing the amount in grams? Like 100g or 85g, etc.

Unless you weigh 60 pounds in bodyweight, 60g of protein is barely enough at all. Ideally you need 1-1.5x your bodyweight.

Oh, this is just like one meal for me (i eat one regular meal a day and one huel meal a day)

2 scoops = 100g (30g protein)
Plus 25g of protein from the protein powder
Plus and the 4g from the milk

And I get the rest of my protein from regular food (typically chicken, tofu, eggs, tuna, salmon)

From my research, 0.7-0.8g per lb of bodyweight is recommended for gymgoers

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It will depend on your ambitions, but yes, 60 is on the short end. However, this is the reference many brands use due to the fact that it has been set as the “minimum”.