Just started my Huel

:dart:Why I stared using @huel :dart:
After having my food intolerance test I found loads of food that my body can’t use as a fuel. First step is an elimination diet which is really difficult.
:boxing_glove:Huel has a fantastic macro mix for my training needs and enable me to not worry about lunch and what I can and can’t have. It’s a real strain on my mind to worry if my stomach will go and I was mentally drained from it​:boxing_glove:
Huel has changed my health and supporting me journey which is fantastic. Couldn’t ask for more I have the black edition vanilla and coffee caramel (I can’t have the E number what comes in most caramel so this was a treat to be able to have this.


Hi Jason, this is so great to hear. Thank you for sharing and those are both fantastic flavors… Coffee Caramel is a favorite of mine for sure! :slight_smile: