Coffee Caramel is the Huel I have been waiting for

I’m not sure if this is the right place for appreciation posts, but here it is.

I’ve been drinking meal replacement for about 4/5 years. Even thought I like the macro profile of Huel more, I mostly drank Soylent because I preferred the flavor and consistency. While Soylent has consistently been ignoring its loyal customer and making changes no one asked for, Huel seemed to get a little better with each revision. And now, finally, I found the Huel Black Coffee Caramel, and I honestly am blown away. Although the taste can be shocking at first - burnt coffee was my initial thought - it grows on you so quickly that you just begin to crave it, and that is something I never had with another Huel product (version, flavor or RTD).

I truly hope you keep the Black Coffee Caramel with its great flavor and awesome macro profile around for a long time, because its by far the best caffeinated meal replacement on the market that I can find (RIP Soylent Coffeist).


The best thing about it is that it has a lower caffeine content than the regular Huel powder.

The coffee flavored huels definitely have a lot more caffeine than regular huel.

That’s true - if you’re on 100% Huel and this is your favourite flavour this is definitely a problem; you would have to do dinner-cancelling every day if you don’t want to compromise your sleep quality…

I like to workout just before lunch. I had been adding my chocolate flavored recovery powder (Driven Post-WOD) to the Huel chocolate to create a post workout recovery and meal replacement drink. That combo was great. Then I purchased some Coffee Caramel Huel but still had the chocolate recovery powder. So… wow, what an awesome flavor combination. I use a blender with ice and water to make a 22oz drink. Super Yummy; I prefer it to the all chocolate version. It keeps me going strong until dinner time. I’ve order some cacao powder to try with the Coffee Caramel on days when I don’t work out.

I finally got my Coffee Caramel Huel Black in and I am trying it for the first time as I am writing this post. All I can say is WOW is this stuff good! I previously had chocolate and vanilla but not even on my radar for future orders unless necessary. I have been super happy with Huel Black over the past year and I think they hit a homerun with this flavor.

I am a little confused by the other posts in this thread though, does Coffee Caramel Huel Black have more or less caffeine and compared to what???

It contains 66mg caffeine per 400kcal (compared to 89mg in the corresponding flavour for regular Huel).
If you live on Huel only, and this flavour only, you hit the allowed daily maximum of caffeine. And it is not the best idea for dinner, at least if you don’t want to compromise your sleep quality.

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Exactly right regarding the difference in amount of caffeine between the two @sierra ! Huel Black Edition Coffee Caramel contains 65 mg of caffeine per serving (2 scoops or 400 calories) and one of our three new flavors of Huel v3.0 powder, Caffè Latte, contains 89 mg of caffeine per serving (2 scoops or 400 calories).

Also, so happy to hear you are enjoying it and I agree, Coffee Caramel is delicious!! :grin:


My understanding is that it’s a rather low dose at 30-60g of caffeine per serving (can’t remember off the top of my head).

And nvm… 65mg as per Charlotte’s message above this one :slight_smile:

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It also depends on your body weight. As upper limit 3mg/kg per day is recommended.

Omg… I received my first order yesterday and I am so disappointed in this flavour. Not to say that I hate it… It doesn’t smell good, it tastes aweful to me and I want to get rid of it or to exchange it :’(

I also got Salted caramel which smells so good and it’s sitting for the moment, waiting to be drank :stuck_out_tongue: I think tomorrow morning I will try to put one cup of coffee in my Salted caramel flavoured Huel smoothie and I’ll see if it tastes good. So that next time I can get a caramel one and switch it from time to time and then take another flavour to try ^^

Using the caffeinated flavours only is just a problem if you’re on a 100% Huel diet.
And I don’t know whether this is the case for anyone of you…

I love the flavor but it’s too strong. Dial it back to 85% and it would probably be perfect.

Why not just mix it with unflavored?

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Good to hear. I was planning to get this. I’ve tried all the flavor boosts and I found the mocha wasn’t as coffee to me as it was like a dark chocolate. I found the caramel heavy on sugary flavor without that browning flavor you get from actual caramel. But hopefully the two mix and balance out in this flavor. I’ve really just done unflavored and flavor boosts. But I want to try a few prepacked flavors since things have expanded more.

Coffee Caramel is my all time favorite flavor.
My last order was a even spread of all the flavors in order to get a taste for them all, but my next order will definitely be something like 8x coffee caramel and 8x peanut butter

Agreed with the flavor. Keep it the same, Huel! It’s really good, and gives a good boost in the afternoon. Black edition - it’s good.