Just started huel

So I got the new vanilla and the chocolate huel. I have a sweet tooth and snack so I thought getting huel will help me get adequate nutrition with convenience. I’m also a community based Nhs worker so I’m always travelling!
So I tried it and it is pretty bland but It’s a bit unpalatable. So I tried milk with sweetener today and that seems better. I’m not a fan of bitter things and coffee gives me heartburn, so adding coffee isn’t an option for me. Has anyone found adding sweet stuff helps? Any suggestions? I’ve seen cinnamon so may try that…

Also, would you suggest two meal replacements or just one ?

I add fruit to nearly every shake, but that requires a blender. Have you looked into Huel’s own flavor boosts? Caramel is a real treat. You can also check out PB2, regular or with added cocoa. And then there are the Torani syrups, like vanilla, caramel, hazelnut. You can also mix it with sweetened almond milk, or add flavored coffee creamers.

I would suggest just one for at least the first week so that your system can get used to it. Then add another a week until you’re at how ever many you want to have a day.

I personally have two a day for about 1100 calories (after some add ins). Then have dinner at home with the family.