New to the game

I just ordered my first order (in bulk) from Huel. I am excited to see how this changes my life. I am hoping it will help with cravings in the evening hours (when I consume most of my empty calories). Also, I am hoping that it helps me save money (I have a bad habit of eating out). I envision using Huel to replace breakfast and lunch on a daily basis and consume a balanced meal in the evening. I am thinking I will blend ice, bananas and peanut butter If anyone has any ideas to mix with my Huel in order to get a more complete nutrition, please feel free to share. I am a coffee drinker so I am wondering if I should add a coffee concentrate or just have coffee separate.


Take it from a former dining out junkie, Huel can totally help you save money! Personally, I use Huel for breakfast and lunch throughout the work week and then not feel so guilty for getting dinner and drinks on the weekends. Since you’re a coffee drinker, you’ll probably love our cappuccino flavor boost and/or using coffee in place of water to mix your Huel. My personal fave is cold brew that I make at home (so easy and better for you than normal coffee - would recommend).

Happy to have you on Team Huel! Look forward to seeing you around our forum. :relaxed:

If I may suggest, if you do not like the taste at first, be sure to give yourself some time. My taste buds had to adapt and it took time to get a texture my mouth likes.My situation is different, so I am using Huel to overcome a major health problem, so I am doing Huel and water, so I can’t help with adding things. In my case, I had to view it as medicine, not food for the first few days. After that, I got used to the taste, and then I got addicted to the feeling of it. The energy of Huel is astonishing, once you get enough in within a certain amount of time. I was worried to give up coffee, but Huel provides more and better energy, once your body adapts. I went all Huel right from the start, so I cannot compare to people who only supplement with it.

It may or may not be hard at first. My Mother and wife are now using it, with my Mother following my all Huel protocol, as she has the same type of issues. Both are pleased about the energy it provides, but they can’t feel it as strongly yet due to everything else they eat.

One suggestion is if you don’t like the taste, but want to get it down, I would not chug it. I did that, and it was not a good feeling, at least for me.

^ Agreed. The texture may take a few doses to get adjusted to. But it’s easy after a few days. Us Huel vets don’t even notice the texture anymore.

When it comes to Huel concoctions, I follow this general rule : There is no such thing as too much peanut butter.

For my bananas, I buy them yellow at the store, cut them into pieces, stick it in a freezer bag, and freeze them. Then I can add to my Huel blend and it blends cold. And since they are frozen, their shelf life goes up.

Some of our Huel users dump their black coffee or powdered instant coffee into their Huel. Not me, though. Too much caffeine.