Just placed my first order

Hi all,

I’ve just placed my first order of New Vanilla and the Berry flavours.

I’m kinda just using this as my own log for tracking weight etc.
So to start off, I don’t exercise that often. I have an office job as a computer systems engineer so I sit down… a lot. But I do go for bike rides and long walks on the weekends.

I’m around 5’11"ish. I last weighed in at 14 stone 11 pounds. I’m a standard build with a slight beer belly but nothing insane.

Really just using Huel to control my diet and save time. If I lose weight as well then that’d be fantastic!

I’m probably looking at using Huel once or twice a day with 2-3 scoops.

One thing that I’ve been trying to find though is - do new users tend to get hunger pains from going to a liquid based diet? I’ve not tried shakes or any type of diets before so very intrigued!


We have been so resistant to metric milliliters, even with the Huel shaker measured in mL… but I laughed when I read a weight of 14 stone. Somehow that’s even weirder than lbs and oz. :slight_smile:

I do 3 scoops for breakfast, i usually skip lunch or gave a kind bar or similarly easy eat - i don’t feel like going out for lunch because traffic at lunchtime around corporate parks is no fun. I eat vegan dinners at home or whatever looks good when we go out to eat.

I think many people find that Huel becomes more appealing once you get used to it. The increased energy from proper nutrition is enticing. The sluggishness after effects from suboptimal food makes Huel an even easier choice.

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Hey Dan, I think you might be looking for our UK forum, but you’re more than welcome to hang out here! We just have different products at the moment, so not everything discussed will be super relevant to your Huel experience.

Other than metric vs nonmetruc unit of measurement, what is the reason to have split forums for Huel?

How is the berry flavor? Unable to get it here.

My bad. I didn’t realise there were UK/US specific forums!

Just received my first order. I’ve never tried anything like this before. I thought I’d try the berry one first. It’s alright. I can definitely get that berry taste. However, my sweet tooth just wants it to be more like a strong sweet berry taste! For me, it’s like a granola taste with dried berries in lol!

I did three scoops but I think I put a little too much water in as it’s not particularly thick. It’s more like a flavoured water but I think that’ll just be me needing to adjust my quantities.

It’s definitely not a bad taste but I can see how some people aren’t all that keen.

Weighed myself just before (not eaten anything else today as I don’t normally have breakfast). 14 stone 8 pounds (~92-93kg I believe?)

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It’s mostly to keep conversations relevant to the products available in each region is all, but obviously we love our Brits, so we won’t run you out of town or anything. :wink:

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hey there juno, how goes it?! i just started using Huel yesterday and noticed that within 3-4 hours after having a shake made with 2 scoops that i was starting to think about grabbing something else to eat. like other users have said, there is a bit of room for adjustment as your body begins to absorb the nutrients it needs. you could try what i’m thinking about doing to forgo the hunger pains, have a shake in the morning using 2-3 scoops, then have a shake for lunch using 1-2 scoops. if you still want a thicker shake at lunch use less milk/water to compensate. using 17 oz. for 2 scoops…use 8 oz. for 1.
i tried the vanilla flavor last night with the chai flavor booster and it was delicious! had a chocolate shake this morning post-workout and it was rich and tasty. reminded me of Ovaltine. man, that brings back memories.
good luck with your diet