Just finished first (shake? meal? huel?) one

First one down.
I think I’m experiencing a placebo effect right now because I feel… nice.
The package arrived just around the time where I would have normally re-upped for coffee, and I don’t know if it was just my excitement about it, but I feel somewhat energized.

I usually stick to coffee and water until about 2 or 3pm; I just don’t get hungry during the first half of the day, so I ended up having my first one right around the time when I would have started getting low energy and normally would have gotten something to eat. Only, eating around that time of day normally just makes me feel sluggish for about an hour, and right now (post Huel) I’m still feeling pretty alert.

Are these the wonders of Huel or am I just too in my head?


Sounds like a great start. I’m having super results with Huel. So energized I picked up another shift tomorrow even in the midst of heavy hospital volumes. Normally I’d have to take tomorrow as a rest day but feel rarin’ to go.

Keep us posted on your experience. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Common reaction. Your body is letting you know that it’s happy. Just like the diarrhea you might have for the next couple of days as your body adjusts to the new intake.
Happy diarrhea.
I drank/drink a moderate amount of caffeine pre/post starting the Huel diet, and had to reduce the intake because it exacerbated the upset stomach. Pro tip.
Not happy diarrhea.
Overall the general feeling I had after I 1st started the shakes was similar to yours. I had just started a new exercise program, the bags of Huel arrived, my dog wanted to hit the trails…I was feeling pretty damn good. Still do. Look forward to having my blended shake for breakfast (check out ‘Recipes’ tab), and hitting the hike w/dog.
Yup. The sour stomach is common, but maybe it won’t bother you. Cut down on coffee, stay hydrated, have a Huel.
Alright :wink::ok_hand:


Not surprised. I have to have convenience food, just too busy. I have been working from home since Covid started and was totally a “Huel breakfast and lunch” person back before Covid but lately, I am probably Hueling 2 or 3 times a week and the last 3 weeks having it lunch every day and having healthy, but incomplete meals the other times…literally I may fill up on blueberries and dill pickles, or a big plate of grits, or tomato sandwiches or even a can of beans and a can of tuna fish. The stomache gets full but nothing else happens.
With huel I do get a certain sense of euphoria. It is subtle and a little strange, but my personal interpretation is that it just is like other’s said, your body being happy.
For years and years (but not anymore) I was a long distance endurance athlete in cycling, and am very familiar with “body hunger” where you may not even feel hungry but certain parts of your body are calling out for nutrition. You may have a sore knee on the bike and take in some sugar goo packets and the knee pain goes away, or have chronic back pain that gets cured by a can of tuna every day.
I am not a nutritionist but someone who has been a position to pay very close attention to how their body feels and nutrition for a long time and we often think nutrition is just a thing for the long term, but no, it affects the body and the mind in the short term, in hours. Nutrition can feel very much like a drug that way.


Honestly I’ve been consuming Huel for nearly two years now and it’s how I always feel after drinking it! Welcome aboard!

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Giving your body the nutrients it needs makes a huge difference. Many people are nutrient deficient and don’t even realize it.


Bear in mind the human body didn’t evolve to have complete nutrition in every meal. Our primate ancestors may have lived on meat for 3 days, then vegetables for a week, then carbs for a week, then killed an animal they lived on for another week.
During a deployment to Afghanistan I once lived on only frozen T-bone steaks for a month, as did 40 other guys. Very small forward outpost. The Taliban ambushed our resupply and we were left with nothing but a container of steaks, all that made it through.
We got tired of it, but health didn’t suffer.
Something in the body allows nutrients to hibernate until the other things it needs to combine with are available. I don’t know what that is, not a nutritionist, but am sure it exists.
The normal human condition is to live with incomplete nutrition meal-to-meal. I am from the USA in the deep south and a common historical daily diet may be just grits for breakfast which is pure carbs, a big chunk of cornbread for lunch which is just carbs, and a supper of again, corn, with some meat like ham or fried chicken added. And that is middle class food, not the food of the poor. I grew up in a middle class southern family and that was my diet. Grits, cornbread , and fried chicken.
I argue that most of humanity lives much the same, the norm being whatever fills your belly whenever you can get it.
But I am convinced the body can do “ok” on very rudimentary nutrition, and when it gets “full” nutrition it is like a nitro boost directly into the bloodstream.


It still doesn’t mean that you might not have nutrient deficiencies you’re unaware of. The point I was trying to make is that if you’re lacking a certain nutrient/s and whatever you’re consuming is helping you address that deficiency, then it should help contribute to homeostasis.

I’m not a nutritionist by any means and perhaps the way I think about it is rather primitive, but I think the above seems rather rational. I do agree that the human body does a great job of storing nutrients for future use although it’d have to get them from somewhere in the first place in order to retain for future use.

I have to admit that I felt better after my first Huel shake (more energized) and I take a shitload of meds for Multiple Sclerosis, Severe Epilepsy, depression and strong anxiety. So I have trouble staying focused/awake, etc.
Yesterday I was feeling very energetic until sleeping time and I felt very good and focused on not moving even during my MRI :slight_smile: let’s hope it will go on!

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I couldn’t get past the diarrhea even after months of it and it would cause me to avoid drinking Huel. I tried the Black Edition and I don’t even have a hint of the issue. I’ve seen posts about others having diarrhea on Black Edition so it could very well be different causes for different people. One thing I’ve noticed is that Black Edition does not contain Sucralose so too much of that must have been my problem with the regular version.

Hello Hueligans. I had my first Huel shake this morning for breakfast. Banana (Black version). I wasn’t bad. Kept me full until lunch. No stomach issues. No other effects noticed. Will keep after it. Thanks!

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Welcome to the Huel fam! Let us know if you have any questions on your journey.

Drink a decent amount of water, eat a balanced diet, and you should be good to go.

As your gut gets used to the high fiber Huel shakes you may find yourself getting gassy and/or very thirsty.

Stay hydrated. Check out recipes in the Recipe tab in the forums for some tasty shake creations.