It's the new sensation

  1. you in a rush? Got time to grab a quick foodie before racing out the door? This one is good.
    17 oz filtered water, 1 scoop/ea chocolate n banana Huel, 1/2 scoop peanut butter Huel.

  2. got a little more time? Same as #1, but try using 15 oz oat milk, 2 oz orange juice.

  3. SUPER FLAVOR TOWN SENSATION: takes about 10 mins prep
    same as #2, about 2 oz extra each liquid, 1 egg, whole banana, handful/ea blueberries, spinach, shredded carrots, 7 cherry tomatoes, 4 large strawberries, whole scoop peanut butter Huel instead of half. Pinch of Himalayan salt.

This will make a full blenders worth. After a 2 hour hike w/dog this morning it crushed breakfast like a boss.


Tried a sample bar of the Chocolate Orange flavor in my last order. Here’s a thought.
Didn’t notice anything chocolate about it. The orange flavor tastes like orange marmalade. Exactly like. Is good. I like marmalade. Just…took me by surprise…

Good bar. Don’t expect chocolate flavor.

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I have to try recipe #2 out! Never thought to make Huel with a bit of orange juice! @nachosalad78 is innovating the game :muscle:
Also am glad to hear you enjoyed the Chocolate Orange Bar!

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