Exercise your mouth on this

Post exercise -

1 scoop ea vanilla whey protein, banana Huel
1/2 scoop ea vanilla and latte Huel
1 2/3 cup vanilla oat milk
1/3 cup orange/mango juice

^^ quick prep method

or vv

Try adding tbls pb, brown egg, spinach, shredded carrots

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You had me until the orange/mango juice :S

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Try adding 1/3 cup of your favorite juice with the added ingredients.
Or, swap the juice for more oat milk or water, and add cherry tomatoes with the spinach and carrots.

Good stuff. You can do WHATEVER YOU WANT with your shakes.
Sky’s the limit. Or stomach.

Okay, I need to try out adding orange juice to my Huel because I have not tried it yet!
Does it give it a creamsicle vibe? :heart_eyes:

You even Huel, brah?!

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