Issues with shipping?

I ordered a large shipment, i received the majority of it about 2 days later. About 7 days later, i made a post here and was asked to contacted support about the other parts being missing, i had never got a tracking number at that point, so i was not sure if it was shipped or accidentally forget a few items. They had the rest of the order sent over to me, and it arrived about 2 or 3 days later.

Now, 12 days after i decided to contact Huel about it, the original packaged showed up. (I can tell it’s the original because the replacement accidentally left 1 item out, which was sent afterwards).

Clearly this is Fedex that has screwed this up. Is there anything i should do about this whole mess?

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You can hold onto that extra Huel and enjoy it :wink::two_hearts:

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