Less than impressed.

I placed an order on the 11th after 4pm. According to Huel I would receive notification when it shipped should receive it in four days. What they got right: they immediately billed my credit card., They immediately started showering me with emails like I had joined a cult. What they got wrong. After three days I had received no notification of shipping. I tried their chat line. It was down. I emailed support and got an email acknowledging it was received but never heard anything further. I tried again and found the chat line operable. I was told it had shipped on the 12th as it should have been. Great but I was not notified as promised. Also it doesn’t arrive until 19th which is six business days not the promised three. So, I have sent an email, engaged with the chat line twice, only once successfully, went through the effort to unsubscribe from their spam which I never knowingly signed up for, paid Huel’s charge on my credit card, waited the promised three days to get my order, and will now wait another five days to get it. Assuming it shipped as the chat line person said it has but I have not been notified about. I buy damn near everything online and have realistic expectations. I am not impressed at all with the service.


Must just be you. Never had a single issue and all of my orders have gotten to me on time if not earlier on top of all that support has always been quick to respond to my inquiries.

Well, Mister Nobody, if you can point out what I can do to ensure I get the service promised by Huel I’d like to hear it. I have still not received shipping confirmation, which I presume includes tracking information, or a response to the email I sent Huel support.

My orders are renewed on Fridays, and I always receive my orders on Mondays.

I’ve never received spam from them. You probably assumed the shipment notification, which includes a tracking link, was spam.

Never heard of anyone else having your problems.

Good for you. Me I finally received notification of shipment today that I will receive the order on the 19th. Double the time in business days Huel promises shipment. As far as the “spam” I did not knowingly sign up for any emails from Huel. I use this email address for things that require me to check my email every time my phone dings. Huel was dinging it a lot. I had to make the time to unsubscribe from their emails - even having to explain why I was unsubscribing in the process. I though I had entered a simple process. 1) place my order with payment. 2) receive the order in three days. The fact that no one else has had problems with Huel is of no consolation to me.

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Sorry you’ve had issues! They must be getting extremely busy with new customers, it having some other issue.

Rest assured, once you get started, things will run smoothly.

Hey there @thefloater. Just to start off, your order is scheduled to be delivered today! Phew. That’s a slight silver lining. There was a slight technical error with the details of your order that caused a delay in the dropping of your shipment with our warehouse. I really apologize for that inconvenience and the lack of our proactive attempt to contact you! @paxton hit it on the nose, we’re rather busy right now but that’s no excuse. I’m also going to reach out via email right away so we can chat through the issues and make it right for you. Thanks for staying patient with us and I truly hope you enjoy your Huel!

Definitely not just him, read the many other posts about people emailing and getting no response