Is there a penalty for cancelling subscription after one shipment?

Hello. I started a Huel subscription, with the intention to adjust flavors between shipments for the sake of variety.

I ran into a glitch with the UI. One of my H&S flavors was out of stock since last shipment, and it is bugged so I cannot change/remove that out of stock flavor from my subscription. If I try to make other changes and just leave the out of stock item in the subscription, it gives me an error trying to save my changes.

So my only options are to not edit my subscription at all, or cancel it and start a new one. I cancelled and started a new one, because I wanted to try new flavors and order more quickly so I can rotate those flavors day to day.

If the same glitch keeps occurring, I may have to do this between every shipment. I’m worried that some automated system is going to flag my account if I make a habit of this though. As subscribing and immediately cancelling could look like I’m trying to take advantage of the 10% discount with no intention of committing. When in reality, I’m just navigating my way around a glitch to edit my flavor choice.

Do I have any penalties to worry about running into if I continue to cancel and resubscribe each month?

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Hi @ZF911 - Thanks for this question! It’s actually a great thing for us to dive into here as we’re navigating some ongoing out of stock issues :two_hearts:

First and foremost, there is NO penalty for canceling a subscription after just one order. We know that things happen and circumstances change. It’s important to us that our customers feel confident and supported in changing their mind about something or just needing to take a pause for awhile should that be necessary.

That being said, I know that setting up a new subscription each month and then canceling is not an ideal solution for you, or for anyone. While if an item goes out of stock while on your subscription you then don’t have the option of removing that item from your account section, we can still help do this from our end. So in the future, if you find yourself in that situation and would rather just make a flavor or product change instead of setting a whole new order up, you can send us an email at and one of our customer experience associates can help you do so :blush:

I hope this helps and feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions! Please know that we appreciate your patience as we navigate these ‘glitches’ and our out of stock inventory and truly appreciate the feedback on how it is affecting your experience with Huel!

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