I had a problem when changing my subscription

So my subscription was going to ship soon, but I am still trying to get rid of the Huel I currently have. I thought I had judged it right, but I still had some more left and I wanted to wait until it was more gone before I ordered some more, so I thought I did it correctly, but I added a new shaker and some scoops to my subscription, so when I reset my subscription to come at a later date, I thought that my shaker and my scoops would reset with it. However, I was charged for my shaker, but now, it wants to add five dollars for shipping on it as well. Is there any way to tell it that I just wanted to get my shaker with my new subscription? I just wanted to get the shaker with my subscription because I didn’t want to pay almost the cost of the shaker to ship it. I still have a shaker, but I just was going to get an extra one with my subscription. I am trying to get through my current batch as fast as possible because I really want to get the new flavors. Unfortunately, I got an order pretty soon before the new flavors came out, so I was stuck with the older flavors, but I didn’t know they were about to come out. That is fine. I still like the one I have, but it just did not go away as fast as I thought, which is why I decided to delay my subscription a little bit. But my shaker and my scoops were actually part of my subscription so I don’t understand why it did not transfer when I delayed my subscription. I only added them one time instead of subscribing to them, but they were a part of my subscription. I did the thing where you say add product and then that puts it on your subscription. This literally just happened today though, so I was wondering if there is a way to fix it? I am hoping to get through my current batch faster than I thought though so I can try the new flavors. I just don’t have room to store it if I am not using it, and also, I didn’t just want to get the new flavors and have them sit there because I want them to be as fresh as possible. That is why I decided to wait until I was closer to the end of this one. But I don’t know why it did this. I wish it could have at least told me. It told me that my subscription was delayed until next month and everything would be OK and that is basically all it showed.

Hey Sabra. I see the error here–it must be a glitch in our subscription portion of the site. I’ll refund the shipping of this order for the shaker + scoop.

Thank you so much. I just want to let you know about that.

Sabra Ewing