What happened to my account?

I tried to check my account today, and it’s gone…
I can log in, but my order history, subscription information, and payment methods are all gone.

I wanted to check my upcoming subscription order and make adjustments to the number of bags and flavors… But it’s vanished.

Can anyone help?

Steve Hulbert

Just checked my account.
It’s out of whack with my normal sunbscription as being canceled.

Not sure what’s going on?

Just wanted to chime and provide an update.

Our Huel developers are currently working hard to migrate the current subscription system to a new and improved subscription platform. The new platform promises to make it easier to manage subscription going forward.

Please bear with us as the migration is ongoing.


Something still isn’t right. I have 2 subscriptions now I guess. I’m trying to cancel one or modify it. I seem unable to do it.

Is it still not fully functional?? My order is coming up. Next week. I need to get this figured out.

I can’t see what’s in the first subscription. I know it’s 8 bags… But I can’t edit it or see what it is or even skip it. In the second subscription, I can all those things no problem (this second, fully functional subscription has 4 bags of berry and 4 bags of chocolate in it)

@Phishin, thanks for bringing this to our attention! The first subscription of the 8 bags should have been cancelled on our end so I’ve gone ahead and updated that for you. You’re now all set for 4 bags of chocolate Huel and 4 bags of berry Huel.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it


Hey there! I’m going to go ahead and shoot you an email right now so we can fix the issues you’re having with your subscription👍

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Everything is fine. It is fixed now. The old subscription is removed. So everything is good now.

No reason for further action.

Thanks for your help and concern.