Out of stock subscription items

40% of the Hot and Savory items are out of stock this morning.

What happens when your subscription is about to be dispatched and half the items are out of stock? Do you wait until the items are available? Do you reserve enough product to fulfill subscription orders?


Another thread from a Huel representative said that subscriptions are given priority when it comes to filling orders.

The last time I got a subscription renewal with an out-of-stock item, that particular product was dropped from the order and I was never charged for it. I would of preferred an email notice that something could not be filled and given me the option of choosing another flavor in the same product line. But I’ve only been on Huel a short time and maybe things have changed since. Maybe a way to specify a secondary choice if the first choice is out-of-stock.

I would like to know the answer to these questions as well. If Huel keeps having these stocking issues, then they shouldn’t be offering a subscription because they obviously cannot support a subscription-based model. Would anyone from Huel care to comment here?

I hope they stopped automatically shipping incomplete orders without communication, even if they didn’t charge for it, that’s still incredibly unprofessional. It’s really a shame too because the idea of Huel and the product itself is fantastic. I hope Huel is able to sort these issues out because my first order (subscription) was messed up due to stocking issues (I made changes to correct it and support was helpful), but I was also missing an item, which again, support was very helpful. However because the stocking issues are so prevalent, my time-frames got really messed up and that threw me off in my personal goals, which attempted to utilize Huel. If my next subscription order suffers from this same issue, then I think I’ll be taking a break from Huel until they can get these issues sorted out.