Busy RN Is Digging Huel

Hello Everyone,

I work as a hospital-based RN and I sure appreciate the value of great nutrition and its impact on health. But like so many nurses, I work 13 hours non-stop and typically don’t have time to eat or drink during my shift.

Ridiculous I know, but that’s life on a busy surgical floor. It doesn’t promote well-being for sure.

I was looking for a plant-based solution to my terrible routine of not eating anything until I got home, and then cramming down 1600 calories plus or minus before trying to sleep before the next shift. Not effective at all!

Poking around on the Internet revealed Huel as what seemed to be the best among several choices and I ordered two bags of vanilla.

I decided to start Hueling on a two-day stretch I had off, figuring if there were any terrible side effects I’d much rather find out away from the hospital. I did (4) 400 calorie shakes each day had no problems at all.

Then today I worked a shift where, at intervals, I chugged Huel while I was charting (I premixed it last night in a blender and brought four bottles with me).

Wow! I had nice stable energy through the day and didn’t arrive home ready to eat the paint off the cupboards. And I was much better hydrated (I can tell because my urine is nice and clear versus tea-colored, which it usually is after a long shift). Big difference.

Because the shaker bottles have a lid, I can keep and drink it at a designated area of the nurses station and continue working. Super convenient!

I eat a whole food plant-based diet that’s high in fiber day to day, so I didn’t have any issues with gas or stomach cramping at all. The diet I regularly eat is even higher in fiber than an all-Huel diet is, so I’m kind of wondering what my bowel movements are going to be like.

I’d definitely encourage anyone who eats the Standard American Diet (low fiber) to ease into Hueling because your gut microbiome is going to need time to adjust. Fiber is wonderful stuff but it can take some getting used to.

Anyway, I’m so sold on Huel that I ordered two more bags of Vanilla Huel and four bags of the Hot and Savory. I plan to keep one bag of Hot and Savory at work for those rare shifts where I can actually sit down for 20 minutes and eat something.

Thank you Huel for keeping this RN on her feet and better nourished!


yes! Welcome to the world of Huel! It has personally changed my life as I am a full time accountant and full time student so I just don’t have time to cook these days let alone grocery shop. I am also someone who takes my physical fitness pretty seriously so it was so stressful trying to make meals that hit the goals I wanted for the day in terms of food so this is perfect. Spread the word, I encourage everyone I know to give it a shot. I want these guys in business for as long as I am alive because I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Glad we’ve got another Hueligan on board!


I love everything you shared!! You made me excited all over again about how great Huel is. I think I’m two or three months months into consuming almost exclusively Huel shakes and Hot and Savory.

I am in a much different line of work but I also can’t stop to eat during my shift much of the time and Huel has been such a blessing to me!!

You mentioned being better hydrated, I have been noticing that my face is looking less parched and I didn’t connect it to Huel, but I bet that’s exactly what it is. Plus I know I am consuming more nutrients now.

It’s so great!! Welcome!!


Oh too cool Huel! I just logged into my professional organization’s website and there you guys were offering nurses a 10% discount. Thanks again for the great support!

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This was a beautiful post and read! We know that our nurses and our medical field customers are always on the run but still need to get a good & quick meal when there is no time to cook or prep! More like thank you guys for always being there in all kinds of emergencies! We appreciate you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: