Is Huel or Amazon trying to talk to me?

Around the time I placed my first order I got texts saying amazon wants to know my delivery preferences. The links it sent me was garbage and went nowhere. I thought it was random spam but now the same thing is happening now that my second order is on the way. Is Huel or Amazon trying to ask me something? If so how do I tell them?

I’ve never received anything like that from Amazon or huel and if there is an option I always choose text over email.

That sounds very strange! We do not use amazon to send notifications of delivery or delivery preferences if purchased from our website. Please send us an email with a screenshot of what the email showed and we will be more than happy to assist you with that!

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It arrived, through fedex. I don’t know why the text said amazon but I didn’t save any to forward. I guess I’ll set delivery preferences on fedex.

Happy to hear that you received your package, we use FedEx for our deliveries so that all sounds right! If you ever run into any issues with deliveries, feel free to reach out to us! :relaxed: