Instead of RTD, how about empty bottles loaded with dry powder?

I believe ample does this, and a company I used to use for my MRPs (that is now out of business) used to as well.

I found this to be super convenient. Less shipping costs because you’re not shipping a bunch of water, and better shelf life/sterility because the product is kept dry.

I already do this on my own (pre measure powder into empty bottles), but as a matter of opinion/ideas, if you’ve never considered, this would be my preferred form to purchase huel if it were available.

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The formula (and texture) of RTD is different from powdered.

Also, at that point it’s no longer “Ready To Drink” – it’s less convenient than the RTD product with the added bonus of generating a lot of extra trash.

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The formula (and texture) of RTD is different from powdered.

That’s why I’d prefer it.

Have you considered that there’s more to the manufacturing process of RTD than just simply adding water to powder?

There’s no reason to think that adding water to their own pre-measured powder in their bottle would produce something that’s the same as the RTD product. Especially since it seems like their goal with 3.0 was to get closer to the smooth texture of the RTD product.

As you highlight there are clear upsides for this format. Ample, and other European brands (Feed., Vitaline, Bivo etc.) do use bottles with powder in them with varied success.

There are, however, clear downsides to this format too:

  • This product will taste exactly like the powder and nothing like the RTD. Thus, if you buy this expecting to be an RTD like experience you will be disappointed.
  • In my experience, they don’t mix well, you get powder sticked to the sides of the bottle often, and they end up better consumed in a shaker (transfer, shake and consume).
  • You are still shipping powder, but require more volume and plastic waste. They will be more expensive than the powder too.

Therefore, the “only” real benefit is that it comes premeasured (so you don’t have to do this part). In theory, this format might also be easier to sell in retail, but that’s a whole nother story. For a company to put effort into this not to get much out of it, it’s usually not worth it. Plus, there was considerable anger when the RTD was released because of the plastic.

Just my two cents on why I don’t think this will happen in the foreseeable future.

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You are largely misunderstanding, I’m not fond of the RTD. Hence why I’ve said multiple times (both in the topic, and to you directly) it is a preference.

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I’m not fond of the RTD. Hence why I’ve said multiple times (both in the topic, and to you directly) it is a preference.

You were unclear in your response, which was the source of the misunderstanding. You didn’t say what you preferred, only that you preferred it in response to me saying the texture of RTD was different from Powder. I assumed you meant that you preferred the texture of RTD.

So that means that you’re so averse to measuring the powder that your preference is to increase plastic waste and shipping costs. I can’t imagine there are many who feel the same way.

Hahahaha he clearly said he’d prefer regular powder. It’s pea protein and rice sludge, calm down.

It’s something we’re considered @skelooth but I think the negatives outweigh the positives.

As you’ve mentioned Powder and RTD are different products and some people prefer the texture and taste of RTD, plus the convenience.

However, the Powder has a longer shelf-life, less packaging waste and we’re transporting less. If we made single bottles of powder then we increase packaging waste and the volume/bulk of the packaging is the same as RTD (the only difference is the weight). You still need to add water to this unlike RTD so if you’re on the subway for example it’s not ideal. RTD also has a shelf-life of 6 months which is more than enough for most people.

So, overall I don’t see the gap that these empty bottles fill. Personally, I think they create extra waste without adding much to the convenience factor.

Thanks for your suggestion and creating a discussion!

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