New Ready to Drink HUEL - Thoughts?

I have been contemplating pre ordering the new Ready to Drink HUEL package and these are my concerns.

  • Cost - $3.71 per bottle (with subscription) - pretty spendy
  • The amount in each bottle - with the powder I can set how much I want to have - the amount they put in this drink is a little high for me calorie wise.
  • Berry flavor - now it might taste amazing and it might not but if I don’t like it for whatever reason I am stuck with a case of 12 of it at $3.71 a bottle.

Has anybody else pre ordered it or thought about it…I would like your opinions on this before I do.


Hey John. I understand your concerns with the RTD. The Huel Powder is great, it’s quick, easy to store and easy to prepare. The Huel Ready-to-drink goes one step further, it’s grab and go! I recommend trying it out and seeing how they can benefit your life.

Trust me I do want to try it out but I don’t want to buy a case of it. Is there anyway to get a sample bottle or buy them separately because buying a case is just too much of a risk and is very pricey investment for a new product.

Currently, we don’t have single-bottle purchases available but we are hoping to be in retail in the future. What are some stores that you would like to see Huel RTD at?

Publix, CVS, Walgreens, or Target would be my first choices, @Tyler_Huel.