Does the bottled Huel need to be shaken?

I know that the powdered Huel settles and sometimes sticks top the bottom of the shaker bottle. If I don’t drink it right away I have to shake it every time I pick it up. I’m wondering if the bottled one does that. Is it the same taste and consistency?

i would give those RTD bottles a good shake or two just to make sure there wasn’t much settling of product, make sure that everything was nice a combined.
i’ve read that some people don’t like the taste of the RTD, that might be why!? could improve the flavor if nothing else.
couldn’t hurt. might as well.

Huel RTD has a different taste and texture to the powder because they are processed differently and are different products.

The powder shouldn’t really be settling to the bottom unless you leave it for over an hour or so. With RTD just give it a quick shake before you drink and you’re good to go.