Im running out of huel

Im running out of huel and my next batch is coming only in a few weeks it seems.

Its ok i can cook pretty decent

Its just that the grocery stores in my area are pretty empty, so you take whatever’s available (which is not much lol)

Huel was pretty convenient during these times


So yea dont be a foolio like me. I didn’t spend time to calculate how much I actually needed and account for delays. Be a coolio and do ur calculations right!


Have you looked around if any other brand could fill the gap? Or any pals that will give you some of theirs? I would but I live on the other side of the pond.

I’d find a quick filler on Amazon. Although they’re currently backed up, it’ll likely still get there before hand. Or buy a few Soylents or OWYNs at the local Walgreens

Oh no! That is not okay, you can always log into your account and push your delivery date or change your frequency to prevent that you run out of Huel on your next delivery. If you are having trouble with your subscription or need help with it contact us and we will be happy to help push any upcoming orders for you or make any changes on your account! No worries, we do think you are still a coolio! :grin: