To the shill: Stop spamming the forum!

To the shill: I see you there, and I assume most other people do too. But they aren’t saying anything in the hopes you’ll get bored and move on…me, not so much. I see that you probably have a company or some connection to a company that would benefit if you hurt Huel.

It’s clear people here are too smart to fall for it, and you’re too dumb to carry out your negative actitiy without getting noticed.

Just stop.

And it seems like you used my REAL complaint about Huel shipping to make your FAKE complaints:

  • Like the fact Heul still sends us ‘Your Order Has Shipped’ emails when it has not shipped! FFS @Domenique_Huel, why do you guys keep doing that? After you box the order DON’T PRINT THE SHIPPING LABEL UNTIL THE DAY IT’S GOING TO SHIP! That’s shipping 101 FFS…and that is why people are getting upset. We get an email that says ‘Your Order Has Shipped’ and then find out all Heul have done is print the damn label and it can be another week before we get the order is very frustrating. KNOCK IT OFF!

To others: A great way to tell if it’s the shill creating threads about bad shipping is to look at their join date, forum read time, posts read, and posts are written. As well as lack of order information most of the time, but this shill does seem to occasionly place orders to have proof for the complaints. You’ll often see they’re nothing there, and (most) of the accounts are made within the last month, a few on the same day lol. Plus, they write in the same manner and they (or she/he) will often post back to themsevles with a different shill accouunt, making it look like more people are affected than is true.

@Domenique_Huel is this spamming keeps up I’d suggest putting in place limits on who can post threads and replies. E.g., 7 days after joining and 1 hour or read time users can post, and their first three posts will be reviewed before being published. ALso, if you’re not using a spam email filter, you should, e.g,. don’t allow email accounts from Mailinator.

Some examples of what to look out for; and apologies to any real people who are shown below…you accounts sure seem like spamming shill behaviors: