Iced coffee and huel

I have seen a few posts with instant coffee being added to Huel or adding Huel as a creamer alternative, but I would like to suggest my newest fave: chocolate Huel Black prepared with black iced coffee as the liquid base.

I’m sure this may have been tried by quite a few Hueligans but here is my endorsement:

I normally love sweetened coffee with lots of milk and sugar and wanted to find a way to get the caffeine without all the extra calories, but I’m not too fond of the taste of black coffee. I do love dark, bitter chocolate though, and figured this flavor of Huel would compliment the coffee. I was so right! This is delicious and tastes like I am drinking very dark chocolate milk (without the milk or any added sugar).


Well aren’t you an innovator @KaySherbet! I like to make mine with Huel Black Vanilla and cold brew sometimes, but I’ll have to give this Mocha Coffee Huel a try sometime!

you can also get the plain unsweetened unflavored one, or vanilla, and mix in unsweetened cocoa powder - i use Anthony’s organic unsweetend cocoa powder. I also use Anthony’s instant coffee. These are huge bags that will last a long time. I figure this way i am not stuck with a certain flavor all the time.

Every Shake I make is with Black, thick black coffee, iced of course.

Geeez!! Are you all planning a no-sleep, stay-awake-until-u-see-the-shadow-people marathon or something?? Do I need to organize an intervention?

Its nice to find my people. When people I know find out I use cold coffee as a base they give me a look I don’t appreciate :slight_smile:

glad there’s so many of us out there!