Cold Brew/Iced Coffee based Huel


Ordered my first bags of Huel on Friday and was wondering if anyone has tried Huel mixed with Coldbrew/Iced Coffee . If so, would you recommend it?

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I for sure recommend it, try it out :wink:

I haven’t, but I will recommend the coffee caramel flavor of Huel. It is currently my favorite. :yum:

No harm in trying it. I’ve ordered some of every flavor and I have tried using regular drip coffee (with ice) with the coffee flavor black edition and didn’t really like it. Just made it far too bitter IMO. If you want more caffeine like I do what I suggest is just buying a bag of like 300 caffeine capsules on amazon. It’s just as cost effective as cheap drip coffee, probably more so since each pill (at least mine) is 200 mg caffeine. That way you can enjoy your huel and still get a huge caffeine boost and you can drink any flavor of huel you want if you don’t feel like coffee flavor.