For coffee lovers

Huel Vanilla + a shot of Godiva Hazelnut Creme coffee. A match made in heaven.

I received a bag of the coffee as a Christmas gift, so I brewed up a mason jar of it to keep in the fridge and just add to things as coffee shots. I bet it’s awesome in Huel Chocolate as well. I’ll try that tomorrow.

Also, for those of you complaining that v. 3.0 is too sweet - a shot of strong coffee dials down the sweetness nicely.

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My Huel today was half vanilla, half chocolate powders, in 8 ounces of defaf coffee + 2 ounces of soy milk, q.s. with water to 32 ounces total volume. Cold. (I do decaf since I drink my Huel as dinner.) Coffee based Huels are my new favorite. I sometimes even add cacao nibs to this mix and blend.