IBS and Vanilla type

UPDATE - I got my replacement unflavored. I didnt have to go as many times with it. 2 times in one day is a win for me but, it wasnt the texture i wanted =P I should try the gluten free unflavored next time.

Ive drank this for breakfast and lunch for 2 days now. I have IBS and it sucks i cant eat many things with out the worry of running to the toilet 20 minutes after eating.

I was hoping this would be good for me but it has not. I start my morning by drinking it at 7am. From 9am to about 12pm i go to the toilet about 4 times. I get home and go about 3 more times. Ill just say it doesnt come out solid. While it doesnt hit me as fast as the bad food, i go more often then i want.

i think ill try to return the bag i didnt open and see about trading for the unflavored one if possible.

I have IBS quite bad and don’t have any issues with the unflavoured. I mix mine with half a can of pure cocoa powder so it isn’t grim.

Try using less water to make it thicker and use ice to cool it. Don’t chug it, sip it over 20-30 mins.

Remember it takes time for your body to adjust so it may be a case of waiting a week or two. Plus if you haven’t done a restriction diet to find triggers you could keep flaring up and thinking huel is the problem.

Hope all does well :slight_smile: