I want a refund, bad shipping practice

First someone forgot to email me the tracker. Now FedEx is say that the seller has not yet given them the item to ship. Only the label was created. Is this how they treat new customers. It was supposed to be delivered today. I wouldn’t have been upset if it was actually sent a few days ago and arriving late, however what this is saying is that it was never shipped in the first place.


Edit: it was supposed to arrived yesterday. Order number #883701-US, and also sent an email to support. more pics for context.

Edit: after looking at this it also look like they forgot about my order completely at one point. 2 full day to send information to FedEx???

Ill be honest, I have prime and even without prime (just an example of a similar product) something like this (picture below) will arrive within 1-3 days Right after i click order.

Hi John, we apologize about the delay on your order and will be emailing you back on your order and the tracking status of it.

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That is not even close to a similar product. Chill a bit man. They ship relatively quickly, but they’re still a rather tiny crew. Mistakes happen. They have on my end, too, and the team has always been very gracious and helpful in fixing the few issues that have arose over the past 3-4 years of being a customer.


Thanks, Just got my shipment today. Maybe I was to heated, but the product is good and the response back was better. Ill be sticking around.

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Glad it worked out… Woooosaaaaaaa

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Just to mention that I have a similar experience and it’s pretty frustrating. I get an email that my order is on its way and now a week later and it still hasn’t shipped.

The shipping time is horrific… For some reason it takes them days to even ship the items. Extremely frustrating.