Bad Customer Service

I made an order on Saturday and I have yet to hear from the company about when my order will be shipped. Are these guys working 1 day a week or something? I told them that I wanted to cancel my order if I didn’t hear back soon and all they sent me was an email thanking me for my subscription. This is not how you run an online business or any kind of business for that matter.

Hey @JS_Jirn! I see you already talked to my associate Tyler and he handled this for you. Since you ordered on a Saturday and it was a holiday weekend, this is why your order didn’t process until today. You should receive it soon! :slight_smile:

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Same, ordered early and it took 2 days to process and now Fedex just added another couple days, no idea why. It’s 1-2 weeks to get an order. The website has now been updated for the delays with 1-2 days for processing.

Customer service reps have been fine, but they really have only provided canned answers. First experience has not been impressive. Maybe only buy on Amazon?

Good luck, it’s way more expensive on Amazon

At least they are pretty true to their delivery times and you know it’s available!

Having consistent shipping times, reliable supply, is a huge plus.