I tried it so you don't have to

just if anyone is curious, don’t try your huel with a flat diet mtn dew.

dew, yes. mtn hewl, no.


@shaunfather Fruit flavors too do not taste well to me either. I added some Guava fruit syrup to my Huel and did not like the taste. I should have experimented with a smaller portion but had to dump the entire 2 scoop serving. Argh! I love the flavour of the Huel vanilla and regular mixed one scoop vanilla and one scoop regular and about a full tsp of cinnamon.

I bought some mango mix too but think I will just stick to my cinnamon.

Want to be the guinea pig and try it with a red bull?

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LOL. I wonder if he’s like the one guy in the frat that we can dare to try anything.

Speaking of which (and don’t EVER try this), we had a technician in our pharmacy years back that did all kinds of dares and such. After a 10 dollar collection, a few other techs convinced him to drink/chug two Fleets Phospho-Soda oral bottles, undiluted. Needless to say, as the ski instructor from South Park says " he’s gonna have a bad time". The dude got so sick.

My worst Huel combination was with V8 juice. Ugggg.

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Exactly we need a taste tester! Doesnt sound like that guy had a good night, wouldnt be on my list of things to do.
My worst combo was huel and frozen watermelon balls.

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you challenged, lunch it is! i may start hearing color and seeing sound, but it’s all good in the name of science!


@shaunfather You are the wind beneath my wings


I wonder if Huel goes well with La Croix?



You try it first. I have my doubts. I don’t think oats go well in carbonated water based stuff.

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(i wrote this friday afternoon, but for some reason my browser just sat with an unsent post all weeekend)

@keelyrm well, i’m not vibrating through the walls…

used U/U, ~600mL of the red bull… was skeptical, but it was surprisingly tasty! “fruity” as the flavor of red bull is probably just an unidentified fruit. not overly sweet.

8/10, might do again, score mainly because i generally like monster more than the bull… but would be a good way to get your caffeine kick from huel, without coffee

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@Sothan_Huel if i can find a single can of the stuff, i’ll give it a shot. the key with carbonated ones i have found, is let them sit for a while, because the carbonation will give your shaker a hard time when they get pressurized under agitation…


I have a pretty flat can of white monster… Thinking it may be a lunch time fuel up… I will let you know!

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Can this be the new “Oh GOD don’t do it…” thread? :rofl:

Um, I think my oddest was Vanilla Huel / Jolly Rancher Watermelon jello / water. :confused: It wasn’t awful but… I’m not entirely sold that I’d do it again :grin:


couldn’t find any single servings of la croix, but picked up a bottle of grapefruit bubly when the wife sent me on a milk run last night… working on flattening it, we shall see how it goes for lunch!

@Keelyrm, how did your white monster taste?

Havent had a chance to mix some up, been cheating a little this week, but looking like sat lunch!

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btw, @Sothan_Huel, the bubly has a decent smell… the huel/grapefruit is a decent combo. had to add sugar, as U/U doesn’t cut the “tonic” taste by itself very well. maybe shoulda brought some vanilla, but completely spaced it.

Huel with 50/50 flat white monster and water with ice was surprisingly delicious. Tasted like dessert to tell you the truth, all most too sweet for me. I dont do energy drinks very often, i know they tend to be chemical overloads but you gotta live in up some time. Definitely wont be doing pure monster/huel , think it would be sweetness overkill, but this gives me a use for the haf empty cans of monster i am usually left with.


sounds like a win to me!

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So the boyfriend was interested in this little experiment and he added stevia and some cocoa extract… it was like chocolate cream soda! I have only been vibrating a little. Worth a try!


OH. made lunch today, and way tasty… try if you like…

1 scoop U/U
2 scoop vanilla
and the rest of this is up to you… i like heat, so i kicked my own butt here

  • cocoa
  • cinnamon
  • ground ginger
  • cayenne

i probably used too much of the last two, but dang.