I’m disappointed

I ordered Huel. Whilst waiting for it to arrive, I learned about its common smelly/gassy issues with regards to flatulence. It made me nervous. Perhaps if I known before, I would’ve never ordered. Anyways, it arrived. I carefully selected a day to eat it where I wouldn’t be meeting anyone that night to avoid the Huel flatulence trap. I consumed the Huel. To my disappointment, I did not experience any flatulence issues, where did I go wrong?


Perhaps you were consuming enough fiber and sucralose that your gut bacteria are already primed.

If you really want to enjoy some extra farts, perhaps you need more brussels sprouts cooked in bacon fat?


The panic I got reading that title before opening this thread


To then reading your actual “issue”. phew

Everyone’s microbiome is different and people who have the most issues tend to have a lower fibre intake prior to Huel because it takes longer for their gut to adjust.

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Lol @ popcorn !! Thanks for making me laugh.

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