Packaging and Powder Mess - Is there a better way?

I am on my second shipment of Huel. I have had chocolate and peanut butter. I favor peanut butter over chocolate, but overall I am quite happy with the taste and characteristics of the product from a consumption perspective.

However, getting the powder out of the package and into the awaiting vessel is another story all together. I understand that the resealable bag is probably easier to box and ship than the classic round canister, but I can’t dispense the product without wearing a healthy amount and getting more on the counter, hands, etc. Also, I have to work and work to get the bag to seal back and usually find that it did not seal the next time I go to use it.

Is there a better way? I know a new competitor has measured pods in the coating that dissolves. Is that patented? I don’t know. It just seems we can do better. I really like Huel, but I am tired of losing so much of it every time I scoop a serving out.

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I transfer the powder to a suitable canister after I open it. That could be a solution for you too.

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That’s a good word! I imagine the dust cloud might envelope me in that process too, but it would be one and done! Thanks!

When putting the opened Huel bag in an empty canister, the trick is to make sure the powder doesn’t fall at all. Open the canister, turn it upside down and put it over the opened Huel bag. Turn over both the bag and the canister and set them down on a flat surface. Slowly lift and lightly shake the bag in a upwards direction out of the canister. Any clouds of powder that would normally come out is contained by the bag. You won’t 100% get rid of powder flying through the air, but it will be greatly reduced.

This works best when the canister is completely open on top. Most dry storage containers have this feature. Another point, make sure the the bag contents will fit completely in the container.

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