Hot and Savory bags hard to reseal

2 of the three bags of Hot and Savory I received do not reseal. I had to put them in a separate zip lock bag.
Anyone else have that problem?

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None of the bags really reseal all that great for me. I just sit there and press it for a bit the best I can. It’s a pain and I wish they would fix it.


It has also been difficult for me to seal the bags of regular and Black Editions Huel. In fact, we have been battling kitchen ants (ohmygod, it’s a mystery as to why they are so bad this year; we have cleaned the shit out of everything), and they got into the PB flavor. :nauseated_face: Interestingly, that was my least favorite, so it wasn’t exactly a bad thing. And. The bags don’t seal.

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Are the zip grooves full of powder?

Before I open a fresh bag, I plop it down on the counter and flick/tap the top to knock the powder out of that top bit before I cut it open. After that the bag is always kept upright… unlike how it ships…

I’m curious if it seals better after clearing those grooves


I was able to seal one of the two bags that wouldn’t seal after cleaning, but the third one, no matter how much I have cleaned the grooves, just won’t seal.

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The best pro-tip I have is to run a knife through the grove of the zip lock to get any trapped powder out! I have found once I do that it is much easier to reseal.

I have the same issue, specifically with Hot and Savory. I have no such issue with regular Huel powder.

I don’t think it’s about powder in the grooves, and it shouldn’t be. Whatever they’re doing with normal Huel, I don’t have to worry about the zip not sealing. What’s stopping Huel from using the same design for both?

After making absolutely sure I shake it to the bottom the regular Huel bags have been sealing fine recently. Gotta make sure the powder is out of the grooves.


Of all the bags of Huel powder I have received I have only had a problem with one… but I have had a problem with two of the three Hot and Savory bags I recently ordered. I was able to finally seal one of the two problem bags but the third one will not seal no matter how much I clean it out. :unamused:

Yes, same here. The fine powder gets stuck in ziplock groove. But it is nothing terrible. I just roll it down and put a rubber band around it.