Huel Black edition Zip lock cover

Hi Team,
I like my Huel Black Edition chocolate and vanilla , however I struggle to close the zip lock covers, Huel team, Please take a look at this issue and have proper covers that can easily close.

Nagakiran S

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I have had a recurring issue in which Huel powder gets stuck inside one side of the seal strip during shipping. The powder clogs it up and prevents the seal from working. I take a thin butter knife or similar utensil and run it through the strip to push the powder out, and then it works fine. Sometimes it takes a few passes to dislodge enough powder.

With my last couple of shipments, this has not been an issue. I think the zip seal design has recently been changed slightly.

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Hey @nagakiran1!

Welcome to our Huel community :blush: . We recommend sliding a card through the seal to clear the powder through the seams so that the bag can close better but the good news is that something is in the works and being implemented.

Hopefully this provides some clarity and peace of mind.

If there’s anything else we can help with, please do not hesitate to reach out.:seedling:

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Yes I did that - however some Packs are not aligned to lock in properly, which is my concern. Yes i’m happy that there is a change that is coming in soon. Keep us posted on the dates please this will help others as well.

My first bag ever and I lost about 30-40% of it. I zipped and double checked it. So sad because I enjoy it and was eagerly waiting for it to arrive. I had my first drink within 10 minutes of arrival and within 12 minutes I was trying to figure if I should scoop it up or throw it out.

A thought…. Maybe this is done on purpose. More sales.

I too have a fear of the zip lock seal on the bag coming open during a vigorous shake of the hot & savory, so what I’ve been doing is sealing the bag, then i fold the top down once, get a good hold on the top and bottom of the bag to shake. Hope that helps.

Is it opaque? Huel is supposed to be protected from light to my understanding.