I have never experienced anything better (first time user)

Health and fitness are of the highest priority of mine, and finances come close as well.

Here are some of the COMMON issues I run into (and likely others) regarding diet.
---- Consuming enough micronutrients - A lot of our foods have little to no micronutrients
---- protein intake - this is important for maintaining muscle mass and also satiety
---- dietary fiber - A lot of the foods I consume do not contain fiber, and this is very important for digestive health and also feeling full.
— taste of shakes - a lot of the protein shakes I try to make do not taste good, or I have to add Oreo cookies to make it taste good
---- Natural ingredients - Most of the foods I consume have a lot of chemicals and words I cannot pronounce or have never heard of (big red flag to me)
— cost - the foods that are healthy always seem to cost more than the junk food which is what makes me lean away from the healthy options
— convenience - preparing an ideal meal takes time, and working while I was working full time, being on the road led me to making unhealthy decisions for convenience sake.

I purchased Huel black, and I can say it SOLVED ALL OF MY PROBLEMS ABOVE. The micronutrients are abundant (if anyone has ideas of adding more to it while still maintaining the flavor let me know!) go check out all the vitamins and minerals. Protein has 40g per serving! This is awesome, 2 servings and I’m already at 80g of protein. The fiber has 7g per serving, and I definitely had no bowel problems afterwards! I also felt full for the next 4 hours! Surprisingly… the shake tasted so good, I did not need to add ANYTHING! I drank it as is and am looking forward to drinking it again, tomorrow morning for breakfast! These ingredients are natural, that is a given. Cost, is about $ 2.50 / meal (using the 1 time purchase and no discounts). This is INCREDIBLY cheap considering all the micronutrients, great taste and macronutrients you’re getting. ESPECIALLY if you’re working, this is such a convenient option for you, all you have to do is put 17 oz of water and add a serving to your drink, and viola, you are good to go!

If you want a a healthy, affordable, great tasting convenient option Huel is by far the best.

Honestly, I would love to sell for this company, be an ambassador of some sort, or explore some career opportunities because I love your product. The benefits are so great. Hope this reaches a moderator, because I am happy and extremely satisfied.


P.S. I’ve posted your products all on my Instagram story and spoke about.


Love, love, love this Andrew! You’ve basically nailed all the reasons Huel is so great and why Black Edition was created. It’s great that you’re enjoying it so much.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer an ambassador program but you can find all our vacancies here. We do have an office in New York so there will be job openings there when they arise.

Our community is one of the things that makes Huel so great. Don’t forget to include “#huel” so our team can see what you’re posting.


Interesting. So are you familiar with, and know how to pronounce all-trans-retinyl ester, isoleucine and docosahexaenoic acid?
Or are you just nutritionally deficient?

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I lack daily nutrient consumption. I eat unhealthy foods regularly so Huel is a great substitute.

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Always using #Huelusa on my Instagram posts

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Thanks for the lovely feedback :slight_smile:

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Yea, huel is not immune to scientific names! Still a pretty decent meal tho.

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