Huel seems to be a godsend. energy, digestion better

I rarely take trips to the doctor and I’m on no drugs to mask health issues. I usually try to eat healthy but very plain. Steel cut oats and berries for breakfast, then a salad with a potato and a turkey burger for lunch and dinner. Problem is, there’s not a ton of calories to this meal, and sometimes I get sleepy on the amount of potato vs. turkey burger. Now, whenever I try to change this formula I seem to always have problems. Change the carbs or the meat very much and I get a lot of gas or diarrhea. The “mono eating”
I’ve been doing gets very old. Plus, I don’t think I have been eating enough calories nor getting complete nurtrition.

Enter Huel…this has been providing variety, convenience and nutrition to my diet. It seems to sit well with me, I don’t have any more gas than is normal, and no other issues. I also seem to have more energy, as I think it is making it easier for me to consume enough calories that are appropriate for me. Previously I think I was maybe getting 1500 calories a day, and I’m a 5’8" 37 yom. Probably need closer to 2000 or possibly more.

I find adding a couple of bananas (blender) to some huel makes it really tasty. And the new hot and savory is really delicious by itself.

Really happy with this product and its making my life easier being a single divorced dude with nobody (currently) to impress.