Does huel contain enough fat, carbohydrates and salt?

I have been using huel for a while, I’m very happy with the product but I do have a question.

On the nutrition information I can see that huel covers all vitamins and minerals 100% or more, but its lacking in fat and carbohydrates?

fat: 93%
carbohydrates: 69%

So I need to eat some extra carbohydrates and fat to get all the nutrition my body needs?

That would depend on how much huel you are having.

Before using Huel, did you always eat 100% of the listed US recommended daily allowance of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins?

I’ve never calculated my daily macronutrients from any diet, ever, and I’ve managed to live for 42 years so far.

Vitamins and minerals have RDA (recommended daily allowance) targets set by the USDA … Huel meets or beats those.

The macronutrients (fat, carb, protein) are in ratios that the Huel team thinks is best for long-term health. There are no RDA values established for macronutrients.

You can use a calorie calculator to determine your daily calorie intake to maintain, gain or lose weight and then tailor your Huel mixing to hit that, allowing for non-Huel meals you eat as well. If (for example) you were looking for 2000 calories a day and were going to use 100% Huel then you would be consuming 66g fat, 151g net carbs and 148g protein.

If you add anything to Huel other than water all the numbers change.

Hope the info helps answer what you are asking!


Thank you ClemsonDad!
Im happy that I get 100% or more of the vitamins and minerals. I wont worry more about the macro-nutrients ration.